Friday, 9 March 2012

Crocodile Monster!

world largest croc caught in Bunawan, (515 miles south-east of Manila), Philippines! weight about one ton and measured about 21 ft long, this 50 years old (at least) monster believe to be responsible for eating at least one fisherman..

but to trap this monster is ain't easy.. the villagers set four net traps, only to be destroy by this croc mighty snap of its jaws. so they set the second trap, this time by using steel cables and this time the monster failed to get away.. don't surprise cause it need almost 100 men required to pull the giant reptile on the banks of the creek where after a great deal of difficulty, it was bound up and then lifted by crane onto the back of a truck..

imagine if this monster attack during your boat ride.. we bet 85% of the attacked not gonna survive it.. with this size this croc can flip your boat in the matter of seconds!


  1. that's a freaking heavy croc for 100 men to carry

  2. maybe they take turn to carry the croc.. if 100 men one go, there will be no space to carry the croc.. haha..