Thursday, 22 March 2012

from Ordinary Mom, to Super Mom!

Do you believe if we say this woman right here...

Was already turn into this....

Photoshop power? NO.. Hard to trust isn't it? Her name, Jung Da Yeon, a famous fitness instructor from South Korea. How she can transform her body to this level? Well, according to the story, one day Jung Da Yeon decide to change her life for better through strict diet and exercises. Original weight for about 70kg, she managed to lose 20kg only within 3 months! Still don't trust us? See more pictures at below..

Ohh we forget to tell the most important part.. this Hot Mom is actually 45 years old!


  1. ahahaha got to show mom this, she got the looks but she still needs to lose some weight =X

  2. haha.. go ahead.. who know your mom will be next supermom.. hehe..